Hand blown glass memorials

Memorialize your loved one in a hand-crafted pendant, marble or paperweight featuring scenes of the heavenly cosmos.

When you decided to honor the memory of a treasured pet or person in one of our custom made glass memorials, we will work closely with you to ensure your piece is created with the utmost care and consideration. Your tribute will be made by infusing a small amount of your loved ones cremated ashes into a piece reminiscent of the great beyond. By using a process known as silver-fuming, Steve is able to create stunning scenes of glowing nebulas and bright stars, swirling dust clouds and colorful light bursts. And because each piece is custom made, you will have a work of art that truly speaks to you and serves as a valuable commemoration.

Start by choosing a form most appealing to you from the list below. These prices are based on a standard size, however we can work with you to make a larger or smaller piece, or a form that is completely unique.

1" Pendant
with silver-plated snake chain


3/4" Marble
with glass display stand


1 1/2" Paperweight
Semi-sphere with flattened bottom


Then email us to begin working directly with Steve to create your memorial. It is helpful if you include your color, form and size preferences. Also tell us a little about your loved one. We have found it can be an important part of the healing process to share what you most loved about them, or a happy memory. Also ask questions! We know this can be a trying time and we want to be sure this process is as pleasant and easy as possible.

In the end you will have a distinct, custom made keepsake that will be a lasting remembrance of your love and eternal connection.