About esseff glass

Esseff glass is the creative flame working studio of artist and Chicopee, MA native, Steve Furman. Early in life, Steve had a strong curiosity for fire, intrigued by its ability to change and create. For him, glass is a wonderfully delicate yet tenacious medium found in nature that, when combined with fire, becomes a form of expression or an experimental outlet.

Steve began his journey in the art of glass in 1998 while working for a local sign shop, creating neon glass signs and sculptures. After attending the Neosculpt School of Neon, in Beloit Wisconsin, his passion for integrating art and science blossomed though his early study of molding glass. He worked for Voltarc Technologies and it’s daughter company Aristo Corporation where he made specialty lamps for back-lighting LCD displays in newer aircraft, lamps for 3M’s negative proof boxes and custom mixed phosphors for an array of neon lighting fixtures to be used in Las Vegas. After a few life-altering events, eventually Steve found himself working in the automotive glass industry, which may not have offered him the creative outlet he desired but it kept him close to the medium that amazed and inspired him.

Today, through Esseff glass, Steve expresses his love of the natural world by introducing glass to flame, to create brilliantly colorful and oftentimes cosmically or biologically inspired scenes found in wearable pendants, marbles, paperweights and other functional sculptures. Forever learning and expanding his skill set, Steve is currently pursuing further education into flameworking, and he is always eager to demonstrate his abilities to anyone interested in the art. Please contact us for an in studio demonstration or to discuss custom work.